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Striking and Self-Defense

Self-Defense is a form of martial art different from mixed martial art for sport and from traditional arts of katas and forms. The goal of  Striking and Self-Defense is to condition your body, train your mind, and use what you learn to go home safe, not to win a fight or score more points than the opponent. Our systems of striking and grappling are tools to achieve these goals and get you in great shape.


Our style of Health and Fitness provides for high levels of uninterrupted performance to improve all aspects of your personal life or career.  In the short-term we use it to achieve great physical accomplishments but it is the long-term game that we help you develop.


Unlike most gyms and martial art schools we have adapted all our assessments, programming, teaching techniques and nutritional and lifestyle programs to be congruent with the latest scientific evidence. As a Six Sigma Fitness™ certified training facility we insure employment of evidence based practices and the most advanced technologies.


As Scottsdale's Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Center focusing on self-defense and fitness, we have developed one of the most experienced coaching staff of any martial art school or gym in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our curriculum and programs have been developed in conjunction with the best practices of the ancient arts coupled with the advances of 21st century training with professional athletes, fighters, combat civil servants and active military.  To support our martial arts programs we have developed our strength and conditioning fitness center into one of the valley's best gym's. With over 8000 sf of training floor, strength and conditioning gym and performance clinic, we have all your training and health needs covered.  We have been teaching health, fitness and martial arts for over 10 years and changed the lives of thousands of clients. Come see what we are all about and let us help change yours!

Physical and Mental Performance

Our strength and conditioning programs are carefully managed to provide you with a scientifically valid training session that reaches the minimum necessary level for physical adaptation without stressing your body beyond it limits and risking injury. Each workout is led by a highly certified instructor and all movements are scaled to match your abilities and conditioning levels. 

Six Sigma Fitness
Elite Performance Program

The Six Sigma Fitness™ Elite Performance Program can be applied to anyone but is especially suited for either the very busy career and personal life “achiever” or the amateur or professional athlete starting camp and or getting ready for an event. For the beginner, it is a full jump start to getting you back on track with your health and fitness, but for the seasoned and experienced athlete, it is a structured path to get the professional edge you have been looking for.

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Memberships are available for Unlimited classes, 3 sessions a week and 2 sessions a week for our Self-Defense and our Strength and Conditioning Programs.


Our Instructors are second to none and highly educated and certified practitioners in their respective areas of expertise. From weight lifting and conditioning, nutritional consultation and physical assessments to martial arts and self-defense, we have the most professional staff in the valley. 

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