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Memberships are Unlimited Single Program, Unlimited Multiple Programs (The Scholar Warrior Program) and 10 session digital punch card. Depending on your membership, you may choose to attend any and all classes in our programs below. The Six Sigma Fitness™ Elite Performance Hybrid program is not included and is a standalone program for those looking for nutritional and fitness coaching only.

 Strength and Conditioning Programs

Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning classes are designed to enhance your physicality and get you in the best shape of your life.  Corrective movement, Core Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Stability, Plyometric Strength and Endurance are all elements that will be improved in classes that are both challenging and enjoyable. These classes are intended to be standalone fitness programs but they can also be used to compliment your striking and grappling  training by incorporating several types of exercises that will assist in maximizing your potential.

The path you will take will depend on your personal goals, experience, initial assessment and current levels of strength and conditioning. You will start at exactly the right place for you.

Six Sigma Fitness™ Elite Performance Program

Results driven "achievers" know that success is often predicated upon a system of scientific practices that has been tested and refined.  Additionally, they know that results come from monitoring feedback data and aligning the goals and objectives with the outcomes. For those individuals that require a goal oriented approach, a higher level of accountability, and a targeted and customized experience, the Six Sigma Fitness™ Hybrid program is for you.

Our signature Six Sigma Fitness™ Hybrid program is diagnostically assigned to you during your on-boarding Evaluation process through a series of proprietary assessments, screens and tests to insure that you are performing the type of training that specifically addresses your needs and objectives. Utilizing scientifically valid evidence based practices, along with our artificial intelligence technology, we will assign you to one of either three progressive programs:

  • General Physical Preparedness (GPP)
  • Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile (RATDP)
    • Metabolic Resistance (MRT)
    • Lactic Acid (LAT)
    • Density Based (DBT) Training
  • HESEA™ training program

If you are new to exercise and nutrition or just haven't been keeping with your normal routines in a number of years than GPP is where you will likely start. Our training cycles insure you have the best opportunity for returning to healthy movement and a baseline of conditioning to be able to optimize the next phases of your programming.

Once you are cleared for RATDP programming (MRT, DBT, LAT) then the science of how we approach your training programs becomes really interesting.  Utilizing ultrasound technology and our proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, we determine the best program for you scientifically based upon how body fat deposits regionally on the body. We maintain all your data and training programs on the Six Sigma Fitness™ cloud based platforms for easy access by you and your instructors. You may then perform and alter workouts on your own at our facility or your own gym of choice while we monitor your progress online with you.
Within our facility we run a strength and conditioning class we call HESEA™ to manage all facets of your health including muscle tone and shape, endurance and strength.  We can help you manage through what the best type of training for you would be and how to implement or modify the training programs to reach your specific goals and objectives.

HESEA™ is an acronym  for Hypertrophy, Endurance, Strength, Endurance, Active Recovery.  This program was developed by our partners at Six Sigma Fitness™ and was designed originally with the combat athlete in mind that needed to maintain certain levels of health and fitness between combat events, but happens to lend itself perfectly to the general fitness population as well due to its and ability to allow you to stay consistently lean and fit without the risk of over-training.

Monday and Wednesday we focus on strength and conditioning using body weight and weighted movements such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, medicine balls, suspension systems, boxes, tires, rings and ropes. This class is truly a mix of cross-training to lose weight, get fit and toned and perform and feel better.

Tuesday and Thursday we focus on endurance giving you a whole body workout that improves every aspect of your physical and mental performance but leaves you energized for the day ahead.

Friday we focus on Active Recovery and Corrective Movements as well as flexibility and mobility to insure you can optimize your next workout. The body is stressed when you train and only adapts and becomes stronger when it is allowed to recover and heal its imbalances.  This class may be the most important training you do during your week to insure longevity and quality of life.

These classes are scaled by the coach for each individual to insure we match your abilities and conditioning with the correct movements and intensity to improve from. If you are looking to be more active and get into shape, or if you are a top level professional athlete looking to push your performance to a new level, HESEA™ will meet your needs.

UltraFit Systems has been training lifestyle clients, corporate executives, elite level athletes and mixed martial artists for over a decade and we know how to help you get into shape. If you want to look and maintain a highly toned martial artist's or elite athlete's body type without all the bulk of a weightlifter and you enjoy keeping a good cardio pace to allow you to excel in all the other activities during your day then this class is for you.

Striking and Self-Defense

In our Striking program, first and foremost you will learn about situational awareness and strategies to prevent a threat.  This includes everything from eye contact, body language, spacing, stance, footwork and hand positioning. Upon encountering a threat that you can't avoid we will teach you the highest efficiency techniques to keep yourself from harm and inflict the correct and least maximal impact to your opponent required to insure your safety. 

Striking classes include a heavy emphasis on Muay Thai and SanDa with a blend of Muay Boran, Krav Maga and select BJJ Combative movements optimized for self-defense. In addition our respective backgrounds and Blackbelts in various other arts like Kung Fu, Kenpo, and Western Boxing play a roll in teaching the best movement for you.

With over 100+ years of collective experience among our instructors, over 10+ different martial arts and multiple black belts and competitions, as well as a lifetime in street defense and careers in law enforcement, we have distilled the best practices of teaching self-defense using a codified system and a science behind our curriculum.

Scholar Warrior

Our Striking and Self Defense Program is the ultimate mixed martial art for the street bringing together our collective knowledge of decades of experience in training multiple martial arts, professional fighters, military and law enforcement.  Starting with the foundations of Muay Thai and borrowing from Western Boxing, we will teach you the proper techniques and mechanics of striking so you may begin practicing practical applications quickly and start using kickboxing as a primary conditioning tool as well. We will then move on to developing drills to hybrid various techniques and teach you how to bring it all together in the most effective way to insure you remain secure and confident when you leave class.

Although we practice and train like sport, the practical aspects of what we teach is not sport. As such our programs will endeavor to prepare you for real life situations and potential threats when there are no rules at play while giving you the workout your body needs to reach its optimum performance ability.  Each class will build on the next and require you to both train standing up and periodically and selectively on the ground with the intent of always looking for an exit strategy to go home safe.  Our main focus for this class is:

  1. Training advanced striking skills safely under realistic scenarios and stressed conditions
  2. Learn the benefits and risks of level changes, taking your opponent to the ground, avoiding ground combat and neutralizing the threat and securing a safe exit strategy.

21st Century Training

We recognize the precious resource of time that it takes to train with us and we have optimized our programs to be as direct and applicable as possible to the life of a busy parent, corporate executive and or athlete. As a Six Sigma Fitness™ certified facility we insure that your training includes the most advanced scientific knowledge available today.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Here we focus on the ground aspect of mixed martial arts, performing both BJJ or other wrestling techniques while an opponent is threatening you with strikes, groin shots, kicks, pinching, hair pulling, biting... and every other form of threat that might happen on the street that wouldn't be allowed in the traditional sport of grappling.  This is where things get real and we prepare you for anything and everything.

This is the definition of of what mixed martial arts is supposed to be and what Helio Gracie intended it to be.  The optimal self-defense for the street. 

The Scholar Warrior Program

Our Scholar Warrior program is a complete Self-Defense System utilizing a blend of classes in Strength & Conditioning, Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ and other Mixed Martial Arts. This Unlimited Classes in Unlimited Programs is designed for maximum flexibility, optimal results and a complete solution to your health, fitness and self-defense. Each class builds on prior curriculum, allowing you to workout harder and smarter over time, but it always has two main core goals in mind:

  1. Teach the best foundational and practical movement/striking/kicking/grappling techniques that we have used with our professional fighters as well as all our military and law enforcement clients
  2. Perform a combination of body weight, weighted object and striking movements at a high level pace to improve all aspects of strength and endurance conditioning

The path is designed so you are able to complete the strength and conditioning and move into your Self-Defense programs back to back. Each class is structured to run independently so you may attend a 45 minute strength and conditioning class followed by a 45 minute striking and Self-Defense class followed by a BJJ class.

We start with our signature Strength and Conditioning that will warm you up and prepare you for the rigors of our striking classes and is a seamless extensions of combat conditioning to compliment our technique skills and drills. We will be blending various traditional body weight and weighted movements with typical endurance activities like jump roping, sprinting, box jumps... with the heart pounding workout that comes with striking heavy bags and pads with both your legs and arms insuring a whole body workout every time. Follow this with our classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Self-Defense and you are now training like a Scholar Warrior - a mixed martial artist in the truest sense of the art. 

You will learn the foundations of self-defense striking and grappling techniques through a blend of different styles of kicking, punching, kneeing, and elbowing as well as trapping, neutralizing and submitting your opponent that will make you not only secure in your ability to defend yourself, but give you a whole new confidence that comes from developing a strong body and optimal health in a way no typical strength and conditioning program can ever match. The Scholar Warrior is our signature Sweat With Purpose™ program.

You will advance through a series of learning sessions teaching you optimal movement patterns, exercises, techniques and strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be secure and confident in your personal security as well as your ability to perform in your career and personal life.

Class Structure

Strength and Conditioning will typically start with a 6-8 minute warm-up, followed by a 25-35 minute workout with kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, heavy bags... If you are in the Unlimited Scholar Warrior evening Program you will then be moving to your Striking and Self-Defense class where you will develop technique with a partner holding pads and or spiking the heart rate with some heavy bag training and finishing up with a core ab blaster. In the mornings we combine your strength and conditioning and striking class into one dynamic workout giving you the best of both worlds. Each class will be slightly different and will insure you get a full body workout each and every time. Depending on the day and your personal goals, we follow with a self-defense technique driven class in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A brief movement pattern warm-up, a review of what you learned in your last session followed by a meticulously planned technique and skill session will build and progress your BJJ utilizing a world class documented curriculum.

You may perform all 3 programs in succession on certain days or mix and match your training to fit your goals, objectives and recovery. Our full week of classes in both morning, afternoon and evening sessions will allow you optimal flexibility to meet your schedule. 

In addition, these classes will be featuring our latest technology for combat conditioning including our strike sensors and our heart rate monitors.  We live stream your data to large screens in the training room so you can compete against your previous self and your fellow athletes. The Scholar Warrior Program is like no other and leads the way in training for self-defense in the gym or in the street.  This is 21st century training for urban mixed martial arts.

“Awesome Training”

“Been to different gyms all over the valley, this by far is the best I've ever been to. New equipment, state of the art tech and clean facilities. The instructors there are extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely care about your health and personal development. The strength and conditioning training will definitely get you in shape while the striking and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will round out your MMA/self defense skill set. Can not say enough good things about the instruction there. Dean, Darin, and Jenna - thank you for driving me to be my personal best.”


Intelligent Self-Defense

We train technique and drill movement in an intelligent and healthy format to insure that you can train injury free for the rest of your life.  We understand the apprehension and experiences many individuals can have at schools that believe in "self-offense" rather than "self-defense". We teach offense as a defense. We are not a fighting school, we are a school that "Sweats With Purpose".

Join us now during our launch and reserve you spot in a place like no other.

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We are one of a few gyms in the United States to have a class based strike sensor system for your kickboxing conditioning.  Coupled with our heart rate sensors we can give you immediate feedback during class as we beam your stats onto one of our 10 large screen monitors around the facility.

Hykso Sensors

Sweat With Purpose

Living a Martial Lifestyle

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We are intelligent, educated, well adjusted and happy individuals because we practice what we preach. Our gym is our happy place and we drive drama away from everything we do so that when you are ready to train it becomes "your time" to develop personally. Try us now, we are like nothing you have experienced before.

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